Proper And Thorough Order Taking Via Phone

Identify yourself:

Identify yourself and your place of business when you answer the phone.

‘Thank you for calling [Your Outlet Name], how can I help you?

Information Required:

  1. What’s your number, please? REPEAT number.
  2. Can I have your name, please?
  3. What would you like to order?(item name + qty + size + specifications) 
    1. Don’t forget to upsell
  4. What’s your address please? Always get address type ask is this a house, business, or otherwise?
    1. If Highrise, hotel, condo, Hospital, or Apartment building.
      1. Inform customer: “Please note you will need to prepare to meet the driver or have someone collect your order from your main entrance or valet area. Our drivers can not go upstairs. They may inform you of the specific meeting location for your location if there is one.”


    1. IF DELIVERY: When do you prefer this order to be delivered?
    2. IF DELIVERY: How would you like to handle tip for the driver? 
  • DURING AFTERHOURS: Inform customer that there is a 15% tip added for driver during afterhours..
  1. Here is the total for your order…
  2. ASK How would you like to make the payment?
    1. Cash
      1. Please note drivers do not carry large amounts of cash and refrain from needing large bills to be broken.
    2. Prepaid/Credit card
      1. You’ll sign on the driver’s phone, you can provide a tip now or when you sign.
    3. IP Credit (credit card swiped in-person)
      1. The driver can accept credit cards in person, or you might receive a payment link before they arrive. 
  3. Let them know if they are going to receive any e-receipt via email/phone
  4. For timing “Our goal is within the hour if that changes we will let you know.”

You will receive a text message as soon as the driver is on their way to you. Please stay with your phone. Repeat number one last time

Call etteiquette notes when on the phone with a customer:

  • Never eat or drink when on the phone
  • Speak clearly and slowly 
  • Keep your voice on an even level
  • keep a friendly tone in your voice
  • Never put the customer on hold, or speakerphone, without first asking her permission and waiting for her response.
  • Listen carefully to the customer and write down any pertinent information
  • Ask him to repeat if necessary
  • Make sure the customer is clear on the price for the item ordered to avoid the customer receiving an unpleasant surprise when she receives the bill.
  • Keep the menu readily available

Submit all extraneous context about an order or customer in the Delivery request notes. Do not leave these notes to only be voiced to driver upon arrival. The person picking up the order for delivery and the person who will actually deliver the order, are NOT always the same person, and it is not their responsibility to convey information from driver to driver. This information should be in the details for the order that they are provided with from Dispatch.