When taking orders by phone, Order taker must follow Proper phone order-taking procedures. Ensuring to collect all the necessary information.

  1. Order takers must verify location type, phone number type (cell, landline, extension), and confirm if the customer requesting the order is the same person receiving the order.

  2. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed to be carried

  3. Must collect first and last names for all credit card orders

  4. Order takers and cashiers are responsible for communicating that there is a 15% minimum tip added for all Credit card orders

  5. Unattended orders are not permitted, all orders are to be accepted by an individual. This must be communicated to the customer.

  6. Drivers maintain the right to refuse the completion of an order due to safety. Whenever possible order may be returned, and no cost is incurred by the outlet for delivery.

  7. Drivers are not permitted or expected to go beyond the front entrance meeting point for any  Highrise, Hotel, Condo, or Apartment buildings. This pre-existing rule is Strictly enforced during after-hours. It is the responsibility of the order taker to communicate this to the customer in advance.